April 25, 2007

It's the drugs, man.

Okay, so I get the appeal of drugs. It makes everything swimmy and out of focus; like it's not really happening. The shithole that is your life is really all just a dream, right? But what happens when you wake up, dry out or get sober? The shithole is still there, isn't it? Except now it's clearer, sharper and you can't run away.

Yeah, I'm rambling. I'm some goody-two-shoes who has discovered the joys of Lortab after having a few teeth yanked. I guess I'm just smart enough to know that this balloon-head feeling will pass and my life will be exactly as I left it. Not better and not worse. Just a few days later and a lot sicker.

Damn, these things make me ill. Now I have to take a Phenergan to make it tolerable. It's a vicious circle. Drugs for my drugs. Oh, what a charmed life I lead.

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