January 18, 2010

...and the band played on.

So, we're finally home from doctors, pharmacies, ice cream shoppes and neighbors. Holy cow!

The bad news is that T has an ear infection. Good news is that he's 50 inches tall, weighs 69 solid pounds (doc said he's heavy for his age but not fat, just really solid), handled the BP cuff and two finger sticks well and even let the doctor look in his ears/throat/etc! We even got a new nebulizer. Best Dr visit EVER!

The scary part is that we've finally hit the wall where our only real option to control T's increasingly angry and erratic behaviors (mostly at school) is to start him on Risperdal. We knew it would happen eventually but I'd hoped it would be later than this. The doctor is getting in touch with some service coordinators to see if we qualify for home based services to reinforce positive behavior and help everyone, including T, cope with day to day life. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, pretty please!

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