May 20, 2007

Internet vs Real Life

Congratulations! You managed to click a labeled link and end up at this blog. Whether you were directed here by myself or you're just a curious bastard makes no difference.

Many people have made alternate personas for themselves via online forums, blogs or websites. Those people either lead very sad lives or they're just unhappy. What other reason does one have to pretend to be something or someone they're not? I see many people turn into assholes and bigots yet they'd never dream of saying those things to a stranger on the street. Anonymity breeds false confidence. Those people have yet to realize that no amount of false bravado will make their pathetic little lives any better once they log off.

I see many people who are bold and brash. Unapologetic. I respect the people who are genuine and unadulterated both in their real lives and online. It takes what my great grandmother called "moxy", which is far different than lying through words on a website. I respect ones ability to pay attention to the words clearly laid out in front of them, separate fact from fiction, and determine how this will honestly affect them after they turn their monitor off. A person's wisdom lies within their ability to turn the other cheek instead of repeating themselves over and over as if such a thing would really change another's mind.

Live, learn and move on. Be yourself; it's all you've got. Not many people like false platitudes, fair-weather friends or having smoke blown up their asses. The rest are just pathetic little peons still clinging to everyone's else's coattails.

Take care!


DCDawson said...

From: Fark Thread 2919201

The pic of the dim sum dumplings definitely caught my eye. Clicked TF profile, followed link, posted.

Well, back to lurking. :)


Chantel said...

Those were actually nikuman dumplings. They have a sweeter filling and are a bit bigger... kind of like baseballs that are flat on the bottom. Absolutely amazing! A definite staple for our household.