April 05, 2008

Take my breath away.

Life doesn't stop to let you take a breath. The last eleven months have been a whirlwind of events, the likes of which would take much longer than I care to spend recounting. Thus, I will spare you the detailed update, my faithful followers that number in the tens of people.

I will, however, bring everyone up to date in a nice little bulleted format.

  • Jeff lost his job in April of '07. NetBank posted a 33 million dollar loss in the previous quarter and closed it's doors for good in September. Jeff's position was eliminated in the first round of cutbacks so he was one of the first to go.
  • Jeff and I got married on July 7th, 2007. It's a cheesy date but A) he won't forget it and B) there is some personal significance surrounding it.
  • Jeff started working for a major insurance company in October of '07. It's had a whole lot of ups and downs but things are on the upswing again so we're happy.
  • E's school has decided to give us a hard time regarding her absences, disregarding her health issues as well as her (exceptional) grades so we're looking to put her into private school this fall.

So, there's that. Of course, there's a whole lot more but those are the major points. On that note, I leave you all with a lovely and disturbing little tidbit I ran across while surfing the 'net. Behold:

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