August 27, 2009

How Now Brown Cow?

Holy crow, it's been over a year since I updated! I really should be better about this. I'll try not to bore everyone with mundane details but I will give an update.

We moved! We now live in a cute little subdivision, renting a great 3/2, 1500 sq ft ranch with a great fenced in back yard on a corner lot. We have wonderful neighbors and the kids have made some great friends. The school district is amazing and both kids adore their new schools. More on that below.

Jeff managed to get a stress fracture in his foot and spent a few months working from home (which just about drove me nuts) but he's back in the office now and all is well. He has a designated "game room", which is actually the formal dining room, but goodness knows we're not formal and would never need something like that, so it's his for all of his games and such. He even got an Egret arcade cabinet (a Birthday/Father's Day gift) to put in there, which he's wanted for a very long time.

E is enjoying her new school. She has some new friends and says that it's nice not to be a novelty anymore. Her teachers love her, her classmates are all very nice and the environment is much more nurturing. She is still on the honor roll (her end-of-year report card had her on the B honor roll for the entire year!) and her general attitude is improving. The Precocious Puberty is still very evident, but even that seems more manageable now that the stress levels have decreased so dramatically.

T absolutely loves his new teacher and is doing very well in his new school. This school was designed with Autism in mind, housing 5 of the district's Autism specific programs, so you can imagine the difference that has made. He's not fond of having his own room, much preferring to hang out with his sister, but it allows him some private space for the times when he really needs it. I imagine he'll slowly detach himself from her and become more independent, which will be a boon to them both.

I am making new friends and loving the freedoms that moving have brought us. The only bleak spot is in trying to avoid the neighborhood Drama Queen. Luckily it's not difficult since her antics are well known throughout the land, but it is a bit tiring to see her get so worked up over my non-reactions. I'm too busy enjoying my friends and family to worry overmuch about the opinion of a person such as that.

So, that's the news in a nutshell. Maybe I'll elaborate more on the Drama Queen situation in the future, but for now, my kids are arriving home from school and there is much to be done!

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