January 24, 2010

Ever ready.

Like those batteries, I am always ready to get the ball rolling when my kids need something. So, tomorrow looks to be a long day.

E was put into the Academically Gifted Program classes around 2 months ago. This means that she tested in the 96th percentile in Math and English Language Arts out of all children in the state. However, placing her so late in the year has left her at a severe disadvantage. She's behind in the work because she was never taught the past skills needed to utilize the current one. This means her grades are suffering. Also, because they pull her out of her regular classroom on Mondays and Fridays, she's been forced to give up Music, a class she adores. It also means she's been singled out and a few of the girls in her class have taken to being bullies. Even after informing the Assistant Principal at her school, nothing was done. So, tomorrow I get to go and rectify that. I will be pulling her out of AGP and informing the AP that he has until Wednesday to address the bullying issue or I'll do it myself.

T has been assigned a Service Coordinator and I spoke with her on Friday evening. She would like to do a school visit to evaluate him, so I've rattled off an e-mail to both his teacher and the AP of the school (remember, she was the Autism Program Coordinator last year). I'm hoping we won't run up against any walls. The majority of his behavior problems surface at school and she really needs to see him in that setting in order to determine what services would best benefit him. Now we're just waiting on the school to let us know whether Wednesday or Thursday would work better for them and what hoops we need to jump through to make it happen.

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