February 01, 2010

What a weekend!

I know it's been a while but, frankly, I didn't have anything to report. Now that I do, I will!

I'll get the bad news out of the way first. One of my surrogate aunts, a friend of my parents' when I was a wee thing, passed away this weekend of complications from COPD. Her husband has asked that we donate to the American Lung Association rather than sending flowers or cards, so that's exactly what we'll do.

Good news time! (I'll do this one in order.)

Friday night we got the china cabinet put together. I didn't realize it was a country white but I can make it work. The china I inherited from my grandmother is the Royal Mail pattern in brown and white, so it will really help pull everything together. Yay!

Saturday evening I went to a PartyLite gathering that my neighbor was having. I won a votive holder, a tealight holder in the shape of a kitten, 2 tealights in my favorite scent and 5 votives. I did order a dozen tealights out of guilt but I know that I'll enjoy them, so it's no big deal.

Today, we slept in. It was lovely... except that I woke up with a backache like you would not believe. I powered through, however. We assembled the craft/sewing cart and it is awesome! It fits perfectly in front of the window behind the couch and gives me a great amount of space to work on. It will also hold all of E's art stuff.

On that... E was accepted into the K12 SCVCS program! She earned straight A's again this semester and this is the perfect reward. She's wanted to try this program for so long and now is definitely the time! I browsed through the course list and it all sounds amazing. Once we get a feel for her core classes, we'll add in her foreign language. She's already chosen French, which will thrill my mother to pieces. It was so cute to see E get frustrated because they wouldn't allow her to start her classes today. I just love seeing her get so excited about school! I remember that this was the age where I was so far ahead of my classmates that I was bored, and angry that the school's only answer was busy work. She was beginning to fall into that pattern as well. No busy work in this program! She does have actual, physical work but that is just to be able to put into practice what she will be learning through the program. It will also be sent in for the school to see that (A) she's doing the work as agreed in the contract and (B) she's doing the work correctly. I don't foresee any problems. We go to withdraw her from public school tomorrow and we are so excited!

Tonight I managed to get the livingroom picked up and snapped some pictures so that I had a grip on what I wanted to change and what still needs to be done. I also got the dishes done and cleaned the kitchen. That takes such a weight off of me for tomorrow.

The down side is that I am far too anxious to sleep tonight. I may just end up taking a sleeping pill and forcing myself to lie down. I already have a "relax" candle burning in the bedroom in order to help me fall asleep quickly once I actually get my butt back there. Here's hoping!

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